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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  October 5, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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wedged, even some snow in the -- a little bit of rain, some wind, even som snow in the sierra. we are getting ready for a messy commute. >> very disconcerting to arrest another officer. >> one bay area cop and one ex- cop accused of betraying their fellow officers. what they allegedly stole from kids. >> good morning, it's october 5. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. >> a lot of rain and wind overnight and snow in the sierra. let's kick it over to mr. lawrence karnow and find out what's going on. >> that wind howling around the bay area, the rain is back, gets your attention. grace wants something bigger? >> is that all you got? [ laughter ] >> i'm sure we'll get to that. the rain making its way through the bay area now. looks like that cold front is sliding through. i think the worst is over but we are not done just yet. there is some rain that continues to make its way through the south bay. that's the cold front that
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continues to move by and it's a fairly quick mover so it's going to be sliding out of town so that heavy band of rain is pushing out early on this morning. behind that scattered showers around the bay area and that could get real interesting as we head into the afternoon. latest you can see all the moisture moving on by. behind that main cold front, you will notice all the speckled clouds out there. that's very cold air and you have this next wave of moisture developing expected to move in this afternoon so the weather will be unsettled. there is a possibility that we could see some thunderstorms this afternoon. it's a busy morning on the roads. we have wind advisories. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. a big ghostly effect this morning coming into san francisco from all those raindrops on our camera lens. so far traffic is okay across the golden gate bridge. no wind advisories there. flooding reports from marin
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county, northbound 101 at lucky drive, flooding affecting all lanes there as well as out of san francisco. southbound 280 between mariposa and highway 101 at james lick, slick conditions. the ramp on southbound 280, flooding parksly blocking the connector ramp. if you are coming out of downtown san jose, traffic light this morning but be extra careful on the roads in addition to the flooding reports also wind advisories for several bay area bridges. the bay bridge, san mateo bridge, richmond/san rafael bridge, dumbarton bridge, wind advisories. 13 minutes from hayward toward foster city but be extra careful including heading out of town. we have chain requirements this morning our first chain requirements of the season. so far they are just in effect for interstate 80 as you make your way towards kingvale. here's a live look. no chain requirements so far for highways 50 or 88 but that
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could change at any time so prepare accordingly. coming up, we check mass transit. san jose police have extra detectives working round the clock to find a woman who has been missing since the weekend. valley casillas has three young children and her family says valerie would never abandon them. the 28-year-old was last seen in east san jose about 3:00 sunday morning. she was getting into a blue suv near waverly avenue and orlando drive at the time. it's not known who was driving that suv. the man accused of killing a popular vietnamese radio host in san jose is scheduled to enter a plea. paul castillo was arraigned last month on eight felony charges. he is charged with carjacking and killing the 60-year-old cindy nguyen and other crimes. he was arrested in west sacramento two days after nguyen was carjacked. and a shock for the san jose police department. one current and one former officer accused of embezzling
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money from a charity. manny villagrana and marco ybarra were arrested yesterday after a nine-month investigation suspected of stealing $120,000 combined from the latino peace officers association. the group is known for giving school lar ships to minority college students seeking careers in criminal justice, giving them scholar scholarships. their chapter is now suspended. villagrana was fired by the sjpd in august for an unrelated matter. ybarra is currently with the department. >> very, very disconcerting to have to arrest another officer. but it's one of those things that it really makes me angry when any law enforcement officer violates the public trust in the way that these two individuals did. >> the two men face felony grand theft charges and if convicted they each face up to three years in jail. it is 4:35 now. the search is on for two boys
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who escaped from the byron boys ranch in eastern contra costa county. the two apparently hopped over a low fence last night and got away in a waiting car. last month four boys escaped from the boys ranch all of them back in custody. oakland city council has decided to delay decisions on some plans aimed at reducing crime. those plans included an expansion on gang injunctions, a citywide curfew for teens and a strict antiloitering ordinance. last night councilmembers voted to send the proposals back to the public safety committee with mayor jean quan casting the deciding vote. earlier supporters suggested they are just tired of waiting. >> we're at 8 7 homicides and we'll be over 100 blythe 100 by the end of the year. >> some of the community members opposed the plan, prompting councilmembers seeking more time to study the
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situation. bryan stow's children cannot sue the l.a. dodgers for his beating. the judge ruled they can't remain as plaintiffs in the lawsuit against the team because they weren't there when stow was attacked this past march. stow and his kids were all listed on the suit initially. it accuses the dodgers of cutting back stadium security even though it's known as a high crime area. federal investigators today will start the long process of finding out what caused the deadly helicopter crash in new york. a woman was killed and four others injured yesterday when the helicopter went down in the east river just after take-off from a heliport. the british woman who died was celebrating her 40th birthday. the very dramatic rescue, her mother, stepfather and friend there as well as a pilot were all injured. >> to have a family come here to see and experience the best of our city and end up in a tragic accident like this just breaks your heart. >> the east river is known as a tricky area for pilots because of its many bridges and its
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close proximity to laguardia airport. amanda knox back home for the first time in over four years. she returned to seattle yesterday after being aquestioned on murder charges by an -- after being acquitted on murder charges by an appeals court in italy. quite the crowd of supporters welcoming her home at the seattle airport. on monday an italian court acquitted the 24-year-old in the murder of her roommate in 2007. >> thank you to everyone who has in me -- [ crying ] >> -- who has defended me, who supported my family, my family is the most important thing to me right now and i just want to go and be with them. so thank you. [ crying ] >> -- for being there for me. >> well, amanda's legal fees have nearly bankrupt the knox family. her parents of have taken out second mortgages and are
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drowning in credit card debt. knox's grandmother took out a 250,000 mortgage to help with skyrocketing bills but i'm sure with books -- i guess she wrote her memoir 200 pages while she was in prison so all that money will certainly help take care of a lot of things. >> hope so. he was a big contender and he wasn't even in the race. >> that's true. the final decision from a presidential favorite. also ahead. would you, please, raise my taxes? >> and they have it and they want to give it away. meet the bay area millionaires begging to pay more taxes. >> and is the big buzz just a big bummer? how the new iphone is already having a negative effect on apple. that and more coming up. ,,
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,,,, good morning. we have a lot of action on the roads including these reports just coming in of a downed
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tree. we have these live pictures behind me. well, this is of the san mateo bridge. there is wind advisories in effect for some of our bridges and we will get you some live pictures of a downed tree in sunnyvale. we have a lot going on. be extra careful this morning. we'll have a full report coming up in a few minutes. 4:41. new jersey governor chris christie apparently will not run for president. christie making that big announcement yesterday saying he faced too many challenges. mitt romney benefits the most with christie staying out of the race. experts believe he would have battled with the governor for votes. rick perry has raked up some major cash right here in the bay area. he stopped by the jordan vineyard and winery yesterday evening in healdsburg for a $500 a plate fundraiser. a new cbs news poll shows in the last couple of weeks support for perry has dropped 23% down to 12%. the other big news now, herman cain, the former godfather pizza ceo is now neck and neck
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with mitt romney. >> oh, the changes that are happening. 4:42. protestors are camping out in san francisco's financial district. the occupy san francisco protest continues today. it's part of a demonstration against corporate greed that protestors say started on wall street last month. the movement is supported by millionaires who say they should be taxed more. >> the reason i signed the letter is i just feel that the difference in taxes between wealthy and middle class and lower is just gotten way too great. >> tax rates for capital gains, that is money earned through investments, should be the same as tax rates on wages and labor. >> the group patriotic millionaires was formed in the bay area last year. it is calling for higher taxes on the rich. and the first payouts to madoff victims began today. madoff is serving a 150-year
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prison term for running the largest and longest running ponzi scheme ever. the total payout to victims $312 million. they will recover 4 cents on the dollar. >> not good. >> not at all. 4 cents to the dollar? terrible. >> not a good return. >> wall street hoping to continue a rally today. >> a mini rally yesterday. european stocks rose sharply today on word of a plan to prop up the struggling banks. u.s. stocks roaring back from a big sell-off with a nice rally yesterday. the dow erased a 250-point plunge to start. they closed up 153. nasdaq wiped out an early loss to fish 69 points higher so good day. one stock that lost some ground, believe it or not, apple! some investors were expecting more from the company's new iphone. the new ceo tim cook unveiled the 4s yesterday. it was not the 5, not the anticipated iphone 5. apple says the newest version is
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faster and thinner and has a new camera and voice command like no other. it goes on sale friday october 14. it has a lot of great features but i think they wanted a little bit more. >> yeah. we'll have to see. >> who knows. the nba needs a break through. the last hope to save the season. >> and a fiery crash on the racetrack is all caught on tape. how a rival racer came to the rescue with only seconds it spare. and a local pooch with a famous look-alike. how his familiar face is earning him national attention. storm clouds continue to make their way through the bay area very impressive soaker moving through. some places in the santa cruz mountains over he 2" and we're not done yet. more on that coming up. live pictures of this downed tree in sunnyvale on city streets. we'll tell you more about this plus another report of a downed tree this one causing a traffic alert and a partial shutdown of
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a freeway. we'll have that after the break. ,, ,,,,,,
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welcome back. 4:47. this morning, bart promising to fix some costly mistakes at its lafayette station. the agency spent millions on a new ramp on the south side to help wheelchairs get up and down a steep slope but using the ramp poses some problems for those who use wheelchairs. >> there's really nowhere to go once you come down the ramp into the parking lot. there's no way to go. there's no ramps or curb cuts. >> that's not all. there are also no disabled parking spots on the south side of the station. they are all on the other side in the larger north lot. bart says they will fix the curb and provide disabled parking by christmas. two state lawmakers will be in cupertino today to unveil a plastic gas pipe safety bill. assembly members paul fong and jerry hill will be at the site of the townhome on northwest square that was destroyed by an explosion in august. investigators determined it was caused by a leaking pg&e pipe.
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fong and hill say the state public utilities commission failed to follow safety recommendations on similar pipes made by the federal government after a series of explosions back in the 1990s. a stock car exploded during an oklahoma race over the weekend. the car spun out of control on the track and then slammed into other cars before it burst into flames. there you see it slamming into those other cars. the driver trapped inside of those flames. let's skew crews were working to put out the fire and another driver hopped out and helped. apparently everyone made it out safely. track officials say this is the woes crash that they have seen in 17 seasons. whoo! >> hm. scary stuff. hey, folks, we got storm clouds making their way through the bay area. looks like the first part of the storm system is winding down. we are not done by no means. we still have more rain in the forecast. showers have made their way into the southern parts of the
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bay area, that cold front dragging through south of san jose. most of that is heading toward morgan hill and gilroy to the central valley. scattered showers off the coast. you can see some sunny breaks around the bay area for today. but then we have some more rain coming in our direction. here's the system on the satellite and radar moving through lots of snow in the sierra nevada. winter storm warnings up there at about 7,000 feet. maybe a foot of snow very early to see that kind of snow up in the sierra nevada. behind on the back side though you have this next wave developing and that's really what we're watching here. that could make for an active afternoon here in the bay area maybe even isolated thunderstorms. so you head out the door now we still have showers outside. most of that just scattered showers now as that main cold front moves out of town. by the afternoon, it could get interesting. the possibility of some of those isolated thunderstorms showery breezy at times. you will see some sunny breaks in between the clouds and temperatures not all that bad but cooler than yesterday. mainly into the 60s. the weather is going to stay
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unsettled today. no getting around it. looks like things are going to be wet. so if you are headed anywhere, bring the umbrella with you. you may need it. you will probably see some sunshine and say where's the rain? then all of a sudden, 20 minutes later here comes the shower. that's the kind of weather today. not a total rainout . the main cold front is heading out. 4:00 in the morning sliding out of town, then things become more scattered and then by the afternoon, this is that wave that we were talking about, that next round of possible thunderstorms moving in late in the day. so not a total rainout today. but be prepared, bring that rain jacket with you out the door. scattered showers possible tomorrow morning but i think that will be the end of it. then better weather coming in our direction. temperatures for today 67 degrees in san jose, 66 in livermore, 46 in san rafael and 58 degrees in pacifica. next couple of days, i think we wind things down very nicely. thursday looks dry with a couple of leftover clouds. looks like much nicer weather for the weekend by the way which we have fleet week.
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we need that sunshine and warm weather and i think it will work out. boy, it was a wild night. a lot of debris on the roads. we have had all that wind, trees down, name it. gets your attention, doesn't it? >> is it unusual to get this much snow in. >> i'm sure the ski resorts are loving it, come on down. >> it's a mess on the roads, right? >> our reports are blowing up with different incidents out there. no major issues right now but we do have a number of incidents like this one downed tree in the road on city streets in sunnyvale. and as you can see, we have these live pictures a crew on the scene. they are working to clean up this mess but if you are at the intersection of homestead and bluejay again caltrans crews are out there chopping you the tree trying to get out of the road for the start of our morning commute. yeah, elsewhere we're getting reports of downed trees. this is our biggest one. it's shut down part of highway 9 in santa clara county.
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so watch out for that. highway 9 completely short down both directions between redwood gulch and 85. chp issued a traffic alert for that stretch. slick on the roads outside,. >> you can see the ghostly image here on the golden gate bridge. so no wind advisory in effect for that bridge but a lot of our other bridges do have wind advisories in effect. you can see the camera shaking a bit across the san mateo bridge this morning. also, one for the bay bridge if you are crossing in san francisco this morning that wind advisory was issued overnight. we are getting puddling reports in the middle lanes in the fastrak lanes heading towards the pay gates of the bay bridge. northbound 101 at lucky drive. slowing on our sensors across that stretch the out of san francisco southbound 280 from mariposa to 101 apparently that flooding is partially blocking at least all lanes.
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of southbound 280. watch out for pooling water. and hey, yeah, grab your chains if you can believe it. interstate 80, grab your chains. if you want to ditch the roads, everything is on time for bart, ace, muni and caltrain and your ferries. so we have crews covering this storm watch this morning. let's go live out to anne makovec. she is in san francisco and i understand, anne, you found another report of a downed tree near san francisco state? >> reporter: that's right. they did do some quick work. i'm out here by san francisco state right now. and if you check out the video of this tree that came down or part of it at least. it looks like the whole operation right now is being kept up by this yellow caution tape until the department of public works is able to get in there and get rid of this tree. but we have one tree down and several branches have fallen from that tree all tied up now
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on 19th and holloway here near san francisco state. otherwise, you know, chilly out here but i can even see some stars in the sky. so not too bad at o: darkhundred pre5 a.m. >> thank you, anne. 4:54 your time. drunk driving is slowing down but that doesn't mean the streets are any safer. drunk driving incidents dropped 30% from the peak of 161 million in 2006 but it's still a factor in one-third of crash fatalities around the country. the centers for disease control found that binge drinkers accounted for 85% of drunk driving incidents last year and 4 out of 5 offenders were men. the pro basketball season will shrink unless negotiators end a player lockout. the nba says if there is no significant progress by monday,
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it will cancel all preseason games and possibly the first two weeks of the regular season. the latest talks collapsed yesterday and no new talks are scheduled. it might be time to say good-bye to the simpsons. 20th century fox television says it can't afford to produce that show unless its voice actors take a 45% pay cut! 45%! negotiations are still ongoing. and in its 23rd season, the simpsons is the longest running comedy series on u.s. television. producers say they have enough episodes to keep the comedy on air until may of 2012. >> doh! [ laughter ] well, it's usually still dry when the blue angels come here to the bay area but this year, as you know, a different story. the navy's precision flying team scheduled to arrive in the rain. they are due to land at sfo a little later this morning. they are coming for fleet week, of course. the performances all weekend long and they are planning to practice over the bay tomorrow
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and friday. so you can get a sneak peek. cool. >> amazing. ever ridden with them? >> i went up with the blue angels -- i went up with the thunderbirds in an f-16 about 20 years ago and it is -- it is awesome. it's fun. a fremont terrier mix is now getting national attention for his familiar face. >> yeah. take a look at bentley. he has already won a local award for resembling a famous u.s. postal mascot from the late 1800s. he rode with the mail bags on railcars, appeared on stamps was quite a star. the owner is optimistic he can wish a nationwide look-alike contest. >> he's been in the lead most of the time. he and another dog are running neck and neck right now. i think he has a good chance. i think he looks more like oni than any of the other dogs in the contest. >> and she is not biased at all. [ laughter ] >> the internet contest hosted by the smithsonian runs through october 17 and people can vote
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for the look-alike on facebook. it's 4:57. from celebrity to csi, the new turns in the michael jackson death trial and the first chance to hear from his doctor. and two bay area cops accused of betraying the public's trust. what they allegedly stole and how kids will suffer. we're live in santa cruz along highway 17 where already this morning, there have been problems reported because of the rain. what to watch out for coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,
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